Easiest Way to Get Greener Lawn

Dealing with brown or patchy grass? Read tips from LifeStyle to learn the easiest way to get greener, perfect lawn. Soon everyone in Queensland will want you to do their lawns for them!  


1. Paint it

Yes, you read that right. You can buy natural turf colourants that give you golf course-green lawn with the flip of a hose. One such product is Lawn Solutions ColourGuard. Simply attach the bottle to your hose, spray the lawn and then wait for it to dry. It’s organic, safe for people and pets, and you’re left with a UV fade-resistant gorgeous green on your previously patchy lawn.


2. Eliminate weeds

The human eye is drawn to textural inconsistencies, so the quickest way to make your lawn look a little less dull is to pull out all of those weeds coming between it. The way you do this depends on the type of weed, though the key is to dig deep and get them at the root.

3. Mow regularly

Lawn can brown at the tip, so giving lawns a good shave will allow for that textural consistency we spoke of earlier, as well as get rid of any dull blades. Adjust your mower height to suit the seasons and the type of lawn you are lawn mowing.

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